Friday, September 30, 2011

Google Chrome: Advantages and Disadvantages


1. Speed - this is the only browser that is multi process. This means that for every new tab or plugin there is a new process created. This is not only fast, but for the first time that multi core cpu of yours will come in handy. Also javascript is compiled directly into machine code, which is run with greatest speed.
2. Stability - for the same as above, in case of plugin or tab crash - all other processes survive. This means you can only loose one tab. And you also get a process manager.
3. Lightweight - On long term Chrome uses less memory than other browsers.
4. Incognito mode - Privacy mode deletes information after you close your browser.
5. UI and ease of use  - Only has buttons that you really need. No confusing menu for first time users and easy to get familier with.


1. No RSS Feeder:Though google deilvers RSS feeder through google reader, Chrome doesnt have any RSS feeder yet.
2. Missing features - Several functions as bookmark management, session management and password management are very basic.
3. Missing extensions - Firefox and other browser has lot more features then Google Chrome
4. Privacy concern - Google already owns so much information and if google somehow gets hack all your identity will be on hands of public.
5. UI -  As much as I love new user interface, it is in fact pretty limited. As stability and speed targets power users, it is disappointing to see that tab management is pathetic, and does not even support multiple rows - and once you have 20+ tabs open things get crowded and you can not see anything in tab bar.